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Radio Frequency

How radio frequency (RF) works

Radio frequency (RF) is a heat energy that works by selectively heating the deeper layer of the dermis and upper fat tissue to stimulate collagen growth and remodelling of the underlying tissues. This results in tighter, younger looking skin

TRIO SKIN TIGHTENER™ is a US-FDA approved RF machine manufactured by Sybaritic, Inc USA. It is equipped with a proprietary patented Auto -Focus 3D Wave technology that allows a controlled depth and precise delivery of thermal energy to the skin. This is a non-ablative, non-surgical, non-invasive and virtually painless aesthetic devise used for:

  Non-surgical Face Lifting
  Body Shaping and Slimming
  Cellulite Reduction
  Stretch Marks Reduction

NON-SURGICAL FACE LIFTING. The TRIO RF facial probe is gently glided on the face. The layers of the skin is heated up to produce controlled thermal injury to the underlying dermal layer. After several days ss the healing response takes place, new collagen and elastin are formed creating firmer, thicker and healthier dermal matrix. This transformation results to visible skin tightening, reduction of wrinkles and smoothening of skin texture.

BODY SHAPING AND SLIMMING. The TRIO RF selectively heats the dermal fat layer and induces hyperthermia and increase in blood circulation at the treatment site. This facilitates fat metabolism and lipolysis, fat deposit drainage, and heat induced fat cell death which leads to decrease in fat volume and subsequently results to a visible reduction in abdominal girth and thigh circumference.

CELLULITE REDUCTION. The TRIO RF system can help smooth and tighten the cellulite appearance by tightening the dermal matrix of the fibrous septae and shrinking the layer of dermal fat tissue resulting in a visible smoothening of cellulite and skin texture. Strengthening the skin is a prerequisite to long lasting improvement of cellulite.

STRETCH MARKS REMODELLING. The TRIO RF induces controlled selective thermal injury to the dermal layer of the damaged skin. As the skin heals, remodelling and restructuring of damaged skin takes place. New collagen and elastin are formed creating firmer, thicker and less noticeble stretch marks.

TREATMENT PROGRAM. The treatment program requires minimum of 10 sessions one to two weeks apart to achieve optimal results. The result may last from 1 to 2 years depending on the individual ageing process and lifestyle.

WHO ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR THE PROCEDURE. Patients with electronic implants such as pace maker, metal implants, severe skin allergies and infections, severe metabolic diseases, pregnant are not advised to undergo treatment.

WHAT ARE THE SIDE EFFECTS. TRIO RF is safe. Most people go back to work the same day. Mild side effects include redness, slight swelling and warm sensation.

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