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Eyelash Perm

"Eyelash Perm" was invented in Japan more than 30 years ago and it's a safe and effective.

"Eyelash Perm" is a permanent method of curling your eyelashes without the use of eyelash curlers. Curled eyelashes will enhance the appearance of the eyes and will normally last between 4-5 weeks or the natural growth cycle of the eyelashes.This method can dramatically give the face an open eyed look as well as the appearance of longer and fuller lashes, even before mascara. All therapists offering this treatment have attended full training and are fully qualified.

How it is done:

Using a small roller and water-soluble glue, the lashes are rolled and separated to help ensure a beautiful natural appearance. Perming lotion is then applied to the lashes and left for 15 minutes followed by the application of a neutralizer. This is then left for a further 15 minutes under cover. Finally, damp cotton wool is used to gently remove the roller, leaving you with enhanced curled eyelashes.


If you have history of allergy to perming lotion or any other chemicals, you will need to visit the salon for a patch test at least 48 hours prior to the treatment to ensure no allergy exists. If you have had any known eye disorders in the past, please discuss this with the therapist prior to the procedure

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